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Using Pinterest to Promote Your Etsy Shop

We all know how much fun Pinterest is. And how addicting it is to use! Personally, Pinterest is my go to source for finding delicious recipes, fabulous travel ideas, and satisfying my inner fan-girl. But I have also used Pinterest very successfully to promote my Etsy shop.

The obvious place to start is by making a Pinterest Board for your Etsy shop, but that's really only the beginning. You need other people to see what you've shared and that requires you to follow people and then pin things that will make those people want to follow you back. Most people who have an Etsy shop are passionate about the items they make, so it makes sense to find the people on Pinterest who are passionate about the same things you are.

For instance, I am passionate about jewelry and what I enjoy seeing in my Pinterest feed, is lots of jewelry designs, jewelry techniques and jewelry display ideas. First I searched the types of jewelry I liked and I followed several people who seemed to enjoy the same things as I did. Then I pinned some of their items to my Jewelry board. I also looked at who they pinned from and who else pinned their items and followed those people. (This is time consuming, I know, but I didn't mind because I LOVE looking at jewelry, and really I would have been doing this anyway.)

I also looked to see if any of the people I followed had Etsy shops and I took the time to follow them in Etsy and favorite their item and their shops. We are all one big community and it works to everyone's advantage when we help each other out! I also made sure to pin some of their pieces to my Jewelry board along with other Etsy items that I love.

In this way, I went from having 10 followers on Pinterest, to 50, to 100 and now to several thousand! Pinterest is consistently in my top 5 traffic sources for my Etsy shop and although I never know if a buyer found me through Pinterest, I do know that since I started using Pinterest the number of first-time Etsy buyers who have purchased from me has skyrocketed.

I love the way Pinterest allows us to share what we love with other people. I think it works best when we use it not only for marketing, but as a way to connect with people who have similar interests who just may become your newest fan.

A common complaint for Etsy sellers is when someone pins your item and makes a note that it is on their DIY list. Don't fret about this! People have been doing this since way before Pinterest came on the scene! They see your items at a craft fair and they turn to their friend and say, "I can make that." How often do they actually do it? Hardly ever. They will however, come back to you to buy that item that caught their eye.

And what if someone came up to you and told you that they love what you do and they would love to learn how to do it? If you are like me, you would enthusiastically help that person to start on the path to discovery. So sometimes Pinterest helps you to find potential customers, and sometimes it helps you to show people their newest passion.

Pinterest excels at helping you to find things that you are interested in and by extension other people who are interested in the same things as you. One thing I find very annoying is when a business is on Pinterest but they only pin their own products. I don't need that in my feed and I usually unfollow those pinners quick.

By using Pinterest the way it way meant to be used, and following your own passions, it is possible to build a great community on Pinterest and expose your work to a whole new audience that is prepared to buy your wonderful items!