Home-made Brownies

easy homemade fudgey brownies


I grew up in a home where brownies were made from a box. I loved those brownies, just as I love all sweets. It was only recently that I decided to make brownies from scratch. It just never occurred to me to do it before.  I looked at Pinterest, because that’s where I find all my recipes and I tried a few different ones to see which would pass muster in my house. These by Good Life Eats  are hands-down the best. With 3 eggs and 12 tablespoons of butter, they may also be the most fattening too, but aren’t all the best recipes? I don’t think I will ever make box-brownies again. Why would I? These are so easy and so much more delicious!!

And I love the trick of lining the pan with parchment paper. You never have to worry about wrestling the brownies out of the pan…just lift them out by the parchment paper and cut them. So civilized!

Delicious Lemon Yogurt Cake

Buttery Yogurt Cake with Lemon Frosting    Would Kai eat it? It's white and is lemony.


I love all things chocolate. Add some caramel and some coconut and I’m seriously in heaven. But my son leans more towards lemon, so I am always on the lookout for delicious lemon desserts. This yogurt cake from Italian-Dessert-Recipes.com looked very promising, so I tried it out during our recent vacation.

Even though this recipe only makes one standard loaf, it includes 5 eggs and a whole cup of whole milk Greek yogurt (I used Greek Gods Yogurt). Let me tell you this cake weighs a ton! But the result is a moist and tasty cake that our whole family raved about! I did make a few minor changes to the recipe because I know that for my son, more lemon flavor is definitely better. Instead of 2 teaspoons of lemon zest, I used about 4 tablespoons (that is not a typo!) and I added a splash of fresh squeezed lemon juice as well.

Since I was making this cake in Hawaii, I decided against using the Lemon Butter Frosting that the author suggests. I used a simple glaze of confectioners sugar and lemon juice that I call Lemonade Glaze. It packs a punch of lemon that kept everyone coming back for more! I will Definitely be making this cake again, maybe even for Thanksgiving!

Fabulous Artisans

Meet the ARTISTS EXPOSED !! by VickiDianeDesigns on Etsy--Pinned with TreasuryPin.com


This is one Treasury that never stays still. Vicki Diane of VickiDianeDesigns on Etsy has been curating this rotating Treasury for many years and has featured thousands of artists! She entices them to come out of their studios and show their faces to all of us, giving us a glimpse of the people who produce all the amazing products on Etsy.

The artists shown in this incarnation of the Treasury include:

Brooke and Todd Theriot of KoolPlatez

Ola O’Shea of koticzka

mystic dukkan of mysticdukkan

William Stevens of  BlueAcresArt

Cindy Doty of CinfulDesigns

David Charles Lyons of  HarcourtPottery

ManBabe of Dilettos

Shelly of Shelly6262

NATA kisch of natafashion

Miss Linda of YourGreatFinds


CuckooNestArt of CuckooNestArtStudio

Paul Thomas of PlaneNGrain

Abby Hook of AbbyHookJewellery

Jerry Cowart of PhotosByJerryCowart

Kristina Smiley of CreativeEndeavorsKS

YUM! Mashed Potato Cheddar and Chive Waffles



Waffles are a favorite food of mine. How many other foods can move so seamlessly from breakfast to dessert and every meal in-between? Ok, eggs maybe. Pizza possibly. But I’m talking about waffles today.

Recently my husband has become fascinated by the made-up phenomenon of being able to cook anything in a waffle iron. He tried brownies, which were ok if you only like the hard edges of brownies…I don’t. I like my brownies gooey and slightly under-done. And then there was the waffle grilled cheese sandwich. I liked it actually, but its not exactly inspired, if you know what I mean. Most recently he tried waffle-iron tater tots. Colossal failure. I can’t go into it, it was so sad.

But mashed potato, cheddar and chive waffles have real, delicious potential! I think the addition of cheese and chives melted over them is what seals the deal for me. Check out the full recipe at Joy the Baker.

Rainbow Treasury

--Pinned with TreasuryPin.com


I love the vibrancy of this rainbow themed Treasury created by elizabeth of ejart. Her use of single colored items interspersed with multi-colored items is very effective in making this a striking Treasury. Of course, it’s no surprise that my favorite piece in the Treasury is the Orange Crystal Earrings by Kande … I am a sucker for anything orange! The Coasters are also fabulous. ARTISeverything manages to create items that feel both retro and current at the same time!

Click through to see the complete Treasury.

Fused Glass Napkin Holder


I just discovered the shop of Virtuly Glass. This Etsy store from Israel specializes in fused glass pieces like the fabulous napkin holder shown above. They also have suncatchers, sculpture, and wall art! Fused glass is a wonderful medium where the glass is placed in a kiln and then heated until all the layers bond together into one solid sheet. It really is painting with glass!

Fourth of July Treasury



Just in time for the Independence Day festivities, Kim DeGooyer of Semi Sweet Studios has created this patriotic Etsy Treasury. I love the way she artfully placed the products with stars and stripes in order to achieve a very striking Treasury.

Click through to the Treasury itself to see a delightful Midnight Blue Star Necklace from the shop HardResols - its made from a computer motherboard! Also shown is a White Star Art Pottery Planter from ione’sAttic that would look lovely on anyone’s table or sideboard.

Looking for a Blue Sky Treasury

This beautiful Treasury was created by Anita from aboutCrafts. She is a very talented woman, because her Treasury is a piece of artwork all by itself! And when you click through to view the full Treasury, you will be treated to a delightful village of miniature felted houses, a modernist geometric watercolor print,  and even a cozy, chic French crocheted cardigan!

Fine Silver Wave Ring


This beautiful ring really caught my eye. I’m a sucker for highly textured jewelry and the way Licky Drake over at Happy Go Licky has created this piece is right up my alley! I especially like the Japanese feel to this ring. Even better, it’s made of recycled eco-silver. This one would make a beautiful “just because” gift.